Android Games will land on PC: Say Hello to the Google Play Games App for Windows

This short article provides one of the most marketed computer game all the platforms, in addition to games sold greater than a million copies on the various existing platforms.

Google is located within a strip and judicial loosening with Epic Games, something that has led to substantial changes in the policies of its digital store. However, this does not remove the company to want to expand even more in the field of video game, and that is why you want to move the experience of games for mobile and tablets at PC. An intention that intend to carry out with an app of Google Play Games for Windows.

The Google Play Games App for Windows will be released at 2022 an experience that, as explained in The Vise The Google Product Director for Android Games and Google Play, Greg Harrell, will incorporate functionalities for Relate All platforms : at 2022, players can experience their favorite google play games on more devices: without any problem when switching between a mobile, a tablet, a Chromebook and, soon, a Computer with Windows.

And it seems that it will be an native application, because the company ensures in the aforementioned medium that they have not been associated with another company for the creation of this idea. This will be a native application for Windows distributed by Google, which will support Windows 10 up, continues Harrell, will not involve the game in streaming.

Install Google Play On Windows 11 - Android Apps & Games Windows 11!

This idea has officially been presented at The Game Awards 2021, so it adds to the list of new features provided by Geoff Kafka and the Gala of Him. And is that this edition has left us a good flavor of mouth with new brushstrokes about the already confirmed Sonic Frontiers, a wild trailer from Warhammer 40K Space Marine 2 and until expected release date of the new Cup head expansion.

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