Black Desert apparently gets new class - could be a certain Mr. Monkey king

A Leak black Desert online shows a possible new class, which will be released in the future. The Monkey King Kong to be the MMORPG, according to data miners the next class in the line-up.

To this class it works: The Legend of the Monkey King Sun Kong will be known in Europe as many as Kong Dragon Ball reinterpreted as a character in the popular series like or has been used in games such as League of Legends.

Well Data Miner in Black Desert Online appear to have unearthed a new class that is named after the legendary king. It will be (logically) an all-male class. While Kong was already discovered a few weeks ago, there are now more details.

As a weapon Kong utilizes loud Leaks a bar which is similar to the Staff of the tamer. However, the staff of Kong to be in contrast to the tamer its primary weapon.

As a second weapon to use a traditional Chinese pitcher the new class. In the picture you can see the pitcher's belt Kong. Such jars usually have a narrowing in the middle, around which a rope is wound, so that they are easier to transport.

How exactly Working will use the jug as a weapon, is not known. Under the video of the leak, however, some fans speculate that he will get drunk in the battle to become stronger.

The fans say: Still, there are not very many reactions to Kong from the community. Among the BDO fans who have already commented on this, opinions differ.

Part of the player finds the images and information from the Leak cool and for many a player who just takes time out Kong would even be a reason to start over with BDO. Especially cool these fans would find it if he can fly just like in the legend on a golden cloud.

I mean, if that appears soon, then I'll take my BDO break definitively break off and neuanfangen with the Affenköngi. — GreenGiant7788 on Reddit If this is real and not extendable rod and cloud gets to flying around, I'll be very disappointed. — ex0ner90 on Reddit.

Another part of the players, however, is not happy that a new class could come up with Kong again, while others can use a revision good. Especially the tamer was frequently mentioned in the comments.

Some expressed concern that the class is too strong, and it will not be fun to play against Kong in PVP.

Which will make the revised classes ridiculous [...] Another OP class. — Yam Romantic on YouTube. Oh yes, another class is exactly what players need lol — Visor Overwatch on YouTube.

大圣 Monkey King Hero Is Back Theme Song(Remix)

But considering that this is only a leak. There is no guarantee that the class will be released as it is seen on the screenshots. It is also not sure if she even gets a release in the West and on PC. therefore enjoys the info with a pinch of healthy skepticism.

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