Formula 1 champion max stapping back behind the steering wheel

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Golden Note for our Dutch World Champion, the Red-Bull Reinstall tweeted on Tuesday morning and published a photo of stages, who slipped into his special rivals at Was Marina Circuit. At the end of the day was stopping after 124 rounds in 1: 28.499 minutes on the 17th place under 19 drivers. His compatriot Neck de Vries (Mercedes / 1: 23,194) had the nose in front, but the times did not matter.

Special shoes for the Formula 1 World Champion. Imago images / motorsport images

The new champion will change from its number 33 to 1 in the coming season. How often can you do that, said stages, I do not know, maybe it's the only time in my life. It's the best number, so I'll definitely pack them on the car. Most recently, Sebastian Vettel 2014 has gone to the start for a whole season with the world master number, on the other hand, Hamilton waived the special cipher in recent years.

Congratulation of Wolff

Max Verstappen is 2021 Formula 1 World Champion!

After the controversial victory at the season finale, as stages of defending champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in the last round overhauled and thus the World Cup crown had snapped, Toto Wolff has now reported. Toto sent me a text message, said stages. The Mercedes MotorsportChef congratulated him, that was very nice.

It is still unclear whether Mercedes decides for a vocation after the rejected protests against the race result. The deadline ends on Thursday. It is clear that the dethrone Champion Hamilton is not there in the two-day test drives. The Write was already beaten to the Knight, but on Wednesday, the associated ceremony takes place in the Schloss Windsor. His future teammate George Russel, on the other hand, used the chance and rose in his new bodies.

Boats' debut in Alfa Romeo

When testing, young drivers have the chance to get into a Formula 1 car. On Tuesday, the Ester Jury VIPs (21) was traveling as a teammate of stages. The Finn Latter Boats rose for the first time in Alfa Romeo after his farewell to Mercedes, as well as his future teammate Guano Zhou.

Trapped is no longer in use on Wednesday and will rise again in the new year in the race car. Next appointment is the FIA ​​Gala, on Thursday, the 24-year-old in Paris will receive its World Cup.