LOL: A competitive bug demonstrates what will be the most controversial mechanics of season 12

Although stopped most of the world, one of the great regions of League of Legends competitive is disputing its parties during this preseason to complete a year of professional game that has been an authentic odyssey. It is the VCS of Vietnam, which celebrates a winter split to compensate for the suspension of its summer season. A particularly conflicting era to play tournaments that has allowed us to see some of the biggest bugs that threaten season 12.

A mechanics that could cause controversy in competitive

Since it could not be otherwise in a preseason of League of Legends who has been marked by the introduction of the new dragons, the head of the ruling we have seen in a competitive match corresponding to this region has been starring by Petrochemical Alma This improvement offered by a resurrection has been a protagonist causing failures in charge of saving life to players, but in this case it has shown an antagonistic effect: it was not activated at a key time.

In the fight we see as Rye a few moments after using the Honda's hourglass. However, although his team has this important improvement, the champion does not resurrect immediately as planned. Instead, The champion remains motionless unable to move or throw skills. A failure that prevents you from trying to finish two of the rivals most vulnerable to those facing and that could have changed the final result.

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In short, just versions for the beginning of the competitive season, these failures promise to become some of the most problematic during the next course. Riot Games barely has a pair of margin patches before the big leagues begin and would not surprise that during the first weeks we had to see any other Chronogram due to the problems caused by the most recently introduced mechanics in League of Legends.