LOL: LCK, the maximum South Korean tournament, has a start date

On the eve of the beginning of another year, in addition to League of Legends competitive season, LACK announced its start date. We talk about the First South Korean division where teams and emblematic players participate. For example, the DWG Kia Brampton of 2021, which was against the sword and the wall in the great end of Iceland. We also see Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok, the demon king who conquered the world three times with T1 (before SK Telecom T1).

Considering the competitive results of the latest international competitions, there is expectation for LACK. However, there is still no full calendar of matches. What we do is the start date, shared by the journalist Kenji within the framework of the Awards of the South Korean League. These seek to reward the excellence and achievements of all those who make up the LACK, whether athletes or organizations. In fact, there was a prize destined for Faker for being the best only Leveling Player of the year.

[2021 LCK AWARDS 1부] 후원사 특별 시상, 올해의 선수상

Returning to the beginning of the LACK, Kenji confirmed that the opening date is January 12, 2022. That is, on Wednesday, date that is usual for the South Korean tournament. There are still no changes of changes in its classic format, which includes a simple Robin Round at the best of three. The qualifiers ceased to be king of the hill to have the Top 6 in a simple elimination key at the best of five, divided into two keys. The winner usually takes the pass to Mid-Season Invitational, which has not yet been confirmation or possible country headquarters.

As we mentioned earlier, there is still no calendar for the first week of competences. The LACK usually refines the details prior to the start of the split, so it is only a matter of time. On the silent, we must remember that the first division usually has two splits, spring and summer, with the latter being the one that gives the move to Worlds. The League of Legends World Cup will be played in North America, with Mexico for Play-in.