Monster Hunter Rise prepares its expansion: Capcom puts date to its news about Sunbreak

If we start a list of more expected games of 2022, we will realize that very striking names come to our heads, from prominent multiplatform, going through exclusive and until reaching independent titles. But there are many players who are waiting for Monster Hunter Rise. Specifically, the PC version that will arrive this next January.

Both Steam players and those of Nintendo Switch can enjoy this summer also from Sun break, the great expansion will premiere the game next year. Just as it happened with Icebound in the previous delivery, it will be available in downloadable format, and will bring a new story, with new missions, new areas, new monsters and novelties also in the gameplay, at least in what it is concerned to the mechanics.

The truth is that Cap com had remained silent since Sun break was announced, focusing more on the RISE PC version than in this new expansion. Now, thanks to a message published in the official account of the franchise in social networks, we know when we will have news. Specifically, they cite us for spring of 2022, so you will only have to wait a few months to know the detail what will bring us the new content.

Therefore, at the moment we have to wait to see how you feel the arrival at computers to a version that will include all the SWITCH content since its launch. Surely, although what you did not like users too much is the fact that it has been confirmed that there will be no cruciate game or transfer of progress between platforms, something very demanding by the community.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Announcement Teaser – Nintendo Switch

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