New World: Guide for winter convergence

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Inner World starts the winter convergence event on December 14th. This brings new events and quests, as well as several rewards that you can exchange with a special dealer. From Mango we tell you everything important to the event in this guide.

What is this for an event? From 14th December to the 11th January, the winter event will take place. It is released together with the new update 1.2. The highlights of the events are:

Snowy cities and landscapes, as well as Aurora Borealis in the sky The new winter villages in which you find a total of 7 new quests for the steps 15 to 60 New city projects 12 New Points of Interests in which you can fight against Yetis Winter tokens to collect that you can exchange with dealers in special rewards Gifts that you can find and collect

Is the event worthwhile? Yes, because you can enjoy some useful equipment, decorations for your house and a new emote.

In addition, you will receive diamond plaster during the events that you can use to increase your expertise in the new system.

Where the info comes from? Memo editor Alexander Latch spent a few hours on the PTR server in which he played the event and wrote this guide. However, it is possible that little things are changed in the final release. We will update the guide according to the start of the event accordingly.

Winter villages bring new quests and a new event dealer

How do you get in the winter event? At the beginning you should visit one of the winter villages. These are located in the areas of Königsberg, Vastness, Lockwood and Weber moor.

They are close to a quick trip point and are also marked on the map. We have not yet marked the exact locations here on the map with a red circle:

In these villages you meet on the winter hiker, a huge Yeti. This gives you the first quest of a series of a total of 7 tasks:

The first quest Winter Convergence you can start with level 15 The quests 2, 3 and 4 can still be done with level 15 The quests 5 and 6 require level 25 The final quest of the series requires a character of level 60

The quests are relatively simple and explained quasi the event. So your dealer and town boards have to visit, find gifts or dismantle glitter.

As rewards for the quests wave experience points, tale, reputation in the area and both. There are also two special event rewards:

Event View — the call at the winter event Winter brands — the currency that can be exchanged in the call dealer

How to get to winter brands? Winter brands are available about various activities:

Completion of the 7 winter events quests. Interaction with the trees of light in all large settlements. Shared of 3 preserved gifts in a winter brand. You can collect gifts in the open world. Shouting of 10 glitter ite crystals in a winter brand. The crystals appear at night in Sternum. You see a tore in the sky at the appropriate places, from which then Glittering descend.

The crafting interface opens her about the cars standing in the winter villages. How exactly works, explain directly to the first event quest in the game.

In the same crafting interface you can create a high-quality winter brand from 25 winter brands. This is also needed for rewards at the Event dealer.

Which rewards are available at the Event dealer? The Yeti, who gives you the quests, is at the same time the event dealer. As with the faction dealers, there are a total of 5 call stages you can earn you.

On Level 1 (0) you can buy buff food, which increases your chance of glittering crystals. That costs you 2 winter brands each.

On Level 2 (1,000 view), there are special holiday equipment with its own skin and the armor 295. There is also a snowy chair and a snowy shelf for the Housing. For this you have to use high-quality winter brands for purchase.

Level 3 (3,000 view) brings equipment with the armor 380, as well as a snowy bedside table, a snowy lantern and a snowy rabbit sculpture.

Level 4 (6,000 view) brings equipment with the armor 460 and the new Housing Items snow-covered dining table, snowy chandelier and snowy wild boar sculpture.

The last stage 5 (10,000 view) brings the emote gift handed over, the cosmetic handling of the winter hiker, a festive toy rabbit and equipment with the armor 520.

The highlight here are special schemes, with which you can take advantage of the appearance of the equipment in crafting. So you can theoretically you weapons and armor in winter optics produced which nevertheless have the Rustlers 600th

Event reputation deserve — it works Sun

How to arrive reputation for Winter fest? About the Quest series earned her enough reputation to reach about level 2.5 the merchants. Then you get the quest to grind to level the third Who wants to achieve, however, have to grind reputation. This goes beyond the following methods:

Completing the special city quests that were introduced with the winter. We unfortunately could not test these quests on the PTR. Find gifts in the open world — each 5 Watch. Interact with the trees of light, which are in the cities of the game. These cities are all areas in which faction can control the territory. Each tree can you visit once per day and each of them brings 150 reputation.

So if you want to exploit the event properly, must daily visit all 11 settlements in the game, which goes into neat Both. Houses in the right places can help here.

12 new Points of Interest

New World Winter Convergence Guide

What is it? In various areas of New World there with the points of interest on up new caves where yetis live. A total of 12 of these points of interests were brought into play, including in the areas of King Rock, Imperial, Eden Grove, deep canyon and Bruckner.

At the end of each cavity a boss comes up with a chest from which her good Loot get can.

Improve competence over the winter event

What do endgame player of the event? Who is working on the level of his competence, may also benefit from the event. The first 3 interactions with a tree of light bring characters L60 diamond gypsum.

3 diamond plaster you can create a gypsum ball. This is in a cast oven, to her, but does not find all the cities in different.

From the plaster ball you can make a plaster cast of a weapon or a piece of equipment. The only costs dollars. The imprint you can then use to your expertise by 1 to increase to 3 on the respective subject.

What do you say to the winter event in New World? Speaks to you in principle to the concept? Likes to write it and your progress in the comments.

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