Spawn paradise in Pokémon Go - with this trainer want to swap players

On this Spot Pokemon Go, players are legitimately jealous. A coach shows what he has at home for a mistaken happiness. The Wild Pokémon stacks literally there.


On Reddit, a player showed a screenshot from his Pokemon game at home. The special thing about the picture is that a lot of wild Pokémon can be seen. Typically, there is much less spawn on a spot on the map and coaches must visit stops and arenas to catch many Pokémon.

Income luck of the coach makes other players will be jealous. Many would like to have such a hotspot directly at home.

Trainer does not understand how to happen to happiness

The player says: On Reddit writes ChiefOfallChiefs I love in the middle of nowhere, but for some reason, my house is a crazy hotspot for Pokémon. Does anyone know why? He released a screenshot with many Pennies, Taurus, Schweppes and Booger.

What to see in the picture? The spot in the game shows about 28 Pennies, two slowpoke a Taurus and a booger. All collected in a place. This screenshot evidently comes from the limelight hour on Tuesday. But even away from such events, there are many spawns in the home of the player.

Another screenshot shows a Mix of Shnebedeck, Quite, Taurus, Pikachu and many other wild spawns:

How to react the coaches: The commentary with the most up votes says: You are the chosen and many coaches join in with approval. Some questions if you are allowed to visit the coach.

Other questions, if the spawns have always been so — that confirms ChiefOfallChiefs: It has always been so since 2016. There were even extra friends and therefore known to my house because it always looks like this.

Coach Iconic ism tries to explain it: That may be a glitch. Or you are in a big radius the only person, which is why all Pokémon, who would otherwise spawn on another place, appear in a stain. That's wild, haha.

But with all the beautiful spawns there are also problems. For as the coach already wrote, he lives in the middle of nowhere. So his problem are the poke balls that you can get from stops and arenas. Unfortunately, the next stops are about 10 minutes away. It's a curse and a blessing, explains ChiefOfallChiefs.

Do you have so crazy Pokémon hotspots in the area or even knows better places? Then write us your experiences here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches from the community about it.