The creator of Nier: Automate affirms that the franchise is finished, and jokes with reviving it for a lot of money

Maybe some do not sound at all the name of Yoko Taro, but you may have heard about one of its star franchises: Near. This saga, which mixes a story plagued by documentary turns and a gameplay that mix Hack & Slash with Bullet-Hell, has catapulted the creative to fame, which has derived a great success for Near: Automate and Near: Re [in] CARNATION, as well as admirable sales for registering Near: Replica.

but... you never know... I can do more [games] if you give me a lot of money... Yoko Taro However, your Creator knows at what time you should say enough, and it seems that it has The time has come to its franchise. In a video published by the official TIER account, Yoko Taro announces that the saga is already finished, so it is unlikely that we see more titles of it. But, following with the usual comic tone of him, he also affirms that he could revive her with a condition nothing surprising.

But... you never know... I can do more [games] if they give me a lot of money..., joke Yoko Taro in the video. After all, it is well known that this creative tends to do what you want during the development of a game, which has led to the curious anecdote that almost canceled Near: Automata Because A Taro He does not like to get up early. In this way, it could surprise us with more ideas around the universe of Near in the future.

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Of course, the success of his works has led him to take his life otherwise, since the community has been hooked to Near: Automata from its premiere in 2017. This has led to the players explore the world of the game In all its slopes, something with what has been discovered secrets years after its launch.