The pre-production of The Outer Worlds 2 would have already started


Obsidian Entertainment has already launched the pre-production of The Outer Worlds 2, a continuation of the first-person action RPG appreciated, released last year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One under the Private Division publisher.

The details come with the kind permission of Daniel Ahmad, Analyst of Nike Partners, who shared his knowledge on the subject in a tweet.

According to Ahmad, the project would only be in its infancy because Obsidian Entertainment would currently explore the possibilities of working on a suite. If it works, it could come into production fairly quickly, allowing the Xbox Game Studios' developer to manage intellectual property as a full franchise.

The last time I heard that a new entry into the franchise was being explored, currently in pre-production, the analyst reported.

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Could change in something else, of course, but it's the current status, he added, suggesting that, nothing is already engraved in the marble, the studio could turn it into a different project.

The Outer Worlds have just published its first additional content, which has been welcomed with a positive welcome.

It is likely that, although The Outer Worlds was multi-platform, a suite would only come out on Xbox and PC because Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout New Vegas designers, shortly after its launch.

For the moment, Obsidian works on its brand-new AAA Avowed RPG, coming exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X. Although it is a new IP address, it is located in the world of Pillars of Eternity and would be Similar to Skyrim in its reach and size.