These were the most popular movies of Twitter Mexico in 2021

There are only a few more weeks so that I ended the year, which also means that it is a great time to remember some series, movies or video games that we enjoy most along this 2021. They were a few months quite complicated, but in spite of everything, we had many interesting things that will stay in our heads for a very good time.

This Is The Best Company In The World

Not to be left behind with all this, Twitter Mexico has shared which were the most popular films in our territory. That is, those who had as many mentions within this social network throughout the year and to facilitate reading, they have divided us into three different categories:

1. Zack Snyder's Justice League

2. Spider-Man: No Way Home

3. Eternal

4. Black Widow

5. Godzilla vs Kong

6 . Shrek

7 . The Suicide Squad

8 . Blackpink: Light Up The Sky

9 . Cinderella (2021)

10 . Black Panther

1. Dune (2021)

2. Back to the future

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

4. Army of the Dead

5. Blade Runner

6 . Anita: Battle Angel

7 . Indiana Jones

8 . Mad Max

9 . The Matrix: Resurrections

10 . Terminator

1. House of Gucci

2. Call Me by Your Name

3. Do not Worry Darling

4. Pride and prejudice

5. Nomad land

6 . The Godfather

7 . Cherry (2021)

8 . Titanic

9 . The dance of the 41

10 . Promising Young Woman

As you could see, we have a wide selection of movies that were the center of attention at Twitter this year. Slow but safe, the film industry has been recovering by the pandemic and surely the 2022 will also be a year full of incredible and anticipated premieres.

Editor's note: Many of these movies make me meaning, but I am surprised by the fact that Shrek has been cast among the most popular this year. I mean, I am aware that it is a masterpiece, but I do not understand why specifically. Of the rest I do not feel any questions, but why Shrek?