Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - New MMORPG with PVE

Almost eight years after the end of Warhammer Online there is again hope for a new online role-playing game in the Warhammer Universe: Games Workshop works with the South Korean developer Nixon to Warhammer: Age of Sigma, an MMORPG, according to the statement of Developer is to be a EVE multiplayer RPG.

Multiplatform support for the global market

Warhammer (Buy Now €14.44): Age of Sigma should build on already published age-of-sigmar titles and appear as a MMO for both the PC and consoles and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). The developers are planning a global release in different languages, including English and Korean also German.

Warhammer like Genshin Impact?

Exact details of the gameplay or screenshot have not yet exist. The official announcement is only stated that Age of Sigma is a socially interactive player-versus-environment world. The game principle reminds of the description after a little at Genuine Impact:

We are in a time of the war. The mortal riches were looted. Stocked by the followers of the gods of the chaos are they are on the edge of the destruction. Players will common the war summers of God-King Sigma and his allies to fight To bother hope and to ensure order in the rich. They will collect characters in every season and enter new riches. Each character has unique properties, stories and gameplay. Players can customize and cooperate to determine how they Single sections of the rich resume. Recommended editorial ingredient This item can be found external content from [platform]. To protect your personal data, external connectors are displayed only if you confirm this by clicking on Loading all external content : load all external content I agree that external content is displayed. This transmits personal data to third-platforms. Read more about our privacy policy.

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Since no release date for Warhammer: Age of Sigma has not yet been established, and we have not seen any pictures of the game, it is still too early to meet clear statements about the potential of the game. Nevertheless, we hope that the MMORPG can watch at least one piece of a successful MMO feeling in the Warhammer universe on our screens. Or what do you mean? Can Age of Sigma luck or leave the announcement cold? Write us in the comments!

Source | Businesslike (via my MMO)

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