A large Apde that "the decision version" of pros and cons of the pros and cons of the "Postmodon RPG" will be delivered for 2022 years. Stories also modified

RPG Manufacturer (Japanese RPG ツク, RPG Suburb, typically written RPG Tool) is a variety of software program to create role-playing. The Japanese name of the program series, Suburb, is a word play here with the Japanese words Suburb (作る) for developed as well as Sure (ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ) of English Device. The RPG makers were initially made by ASCII and afterwards by Enter brain. English variations of PS/ PS2 manufacturers (3, 5 and also 6) in the United States (neighborhood numbers: 1, 2 and also 3) are marketed by Acetic.

Yard Games and ACK Studios announced on January 14, Link I. V, which is a full version of Link: Post Modern RPG, will be delivered in 2022. It seems to be released as a free update for PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam / Gog.com). Renovate existing game plays and stories and incorporate new content.

LINK: Postmodern RPG is RPG released in January 2019. The stage is the modern April 1999. The protagonist Alex meets a woman called Sammy from a habit. But that Sammy has been taken to something in her elevator. Alex will investigate her disappearance.

Link: Postmodern RPG attracted attention in a unique view of the world. On the other hand, criticism is collected at a wide range of points such as game balance, tempo, and story development, and STEAM reviews are still pros and cons. In addition, Andrew Allan son, who is one of the developers, which is to point out that they have an earthquake and a story surface. Games have been art so far, but if there are unpleasant characters, there are too many gamers who are angry, and the game was a child's toy, and it's a child's toy. Some users were also born with a little conflict (Reddit).

On the other hand, ACK Studios, including Andrew Allan son, has been criticized, and ACK Studios has announced its improvement in this work. Preparation was promoted for the improvement and improvement, and the progress of development was also reported on Twitter. And January 14, Link i.v was officially announced from Publisher.

In the large Aide Link I. V, an improvement of the existing game is as a different thing is added. Combat and dungeon can be more immersed, and the story event is renovated. Furthermore, the cut scene is likely to be redesigned. At the same time, load time is shortened. Mind dungeons are also tech, such as improvements in a wide range of aspects. Many new contents will be implemented. In addition to new characters, new dungeons and bosses are also introduced. Music is to implement new sounds over 45 minutes. The music of this work also participates in Milan Mikey, a Japanese singer-songwriter and CG artist.

The same update to improve many parts such as game tempo and story. It would have been time to review the contents of the game's root. New elements seem to be incorporated into the game main story, but how does Link: Post Modern RPG will be reborn?