Apple allegedly works on own game console!

Tech-Gigant Apple does not make any new areas of entertainment and technology unexplored. Be your own TV series, the own car brand or maybe yes soon the Apple game console . Apple could dip in the world of games, because rumors over the setting of former Xbox engineers suggest that a brand-new console is in progress.

The iPod and iPhone inventors have integrated with Apple Arcade elements of the game culture into their products. However, Apple could dare to the leap in the area of ​​console games. By the way, that would not be strictly noted the first Apple console, because there was about the Apple Pippin in the middle of the nineties. The rumors that Apple work on a handheld console, have been circulating through the Internet since 2021.

Games Journalist wants with a supposed leak to Apple's console

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During the Xbox Two Podcasts on January 21, 2022, the Games Journalist Jet Borden brought the mysterious console project from Apple to the light. I have heard for some time now that Apple's Xbox engineers have won to build his own console, Corked began. While the development of Apple's console is purely speculative at this time, Borden explains that he has heard this rumor already for ages and is not sure if it's a VR game or a metaverse thing or something Will be similar. He also adds that his source is not particularly Great.

Tencent vs Microsoft VS... Apple?

At this time, Borden has not revealed his source to this rumor yet, but he speculated that Microsoft's only true rival is now the Chinese entertainment company Tencent. Which company would really want to compete with you [Microsoft] at this level? But the real answer is ultimately Tencent. Microsoft looks at Tencent.

Could the people of Apple take the handheld path and avoid the Fails of Google Stadia? We are curious if Apple really persecuted this path!