Buy Gaming Monitor: Samsung 27 inches 144Hz for under 200 Euro at Amazon

If you want to buy a gaming monitor, which also makes a good figure in the office or home office, then you should always have a look at the name Samsung Odyssey, but the screens of the Korean electronics giant of mostly very good quality. Of course, they have their price, but there are attractive special offers, as now at Amazon. Here is an excellent Samsung Gaming Monitor with 27 inches and 144Hz image repeat rate for under 200 euros to buy. Also, four other Samsung monitors were reduced in the price. We deliver all the information!

By Gaming Monitor: What distinguishes the Samsung Odyssey G3 27 inches 144Hz?

Samsung Gaming Monitor G3 27 inch 144Hz for €189 at Amazon

other Samsung monitors at the top price at Amazon

Samsung monitors cheap at Amazon:

  • Samsung Odyssey G3 27 inch 144Hz Full-HD 1MS for €189 (~~ €239 ~~)
  • Samsung Odyssey G5 32 inch 144Hz WHO 1MS for €299 (~~ €349 ~~)
  • Samsung IPS panel 28 inches 60Hz 4K UHD 4MS for €249 (~~ €369 ~~)
  • Samsung 32 inch 60 Hz 4K UHD 60 Hz 5MS for €379 (~~ €429 ~~)

Samsung monitors cheap at Amazon

43-inch TVs from Samsung also usable as a gaming monitor

If you want to buy a huge gaming monitor, you can also grab a gaming-suitable TV. Here is currently the Samsung GQ43QN90A, a low-priced Neo LED TV. The 43-inch 4K UHD TV masters 120Hz, which predestined him for gamers. Compared to the conventional LED technology Samsung sets Neo LED on a mini-LED backlight that uses tens of thousands of tiny LEDs. This results in a much more precise brightness control and ultimately also a further optimized image quality. The Samsung TV GQ43QN90A can be used as part of another Samsung campaign at the best price of only 812 euros at Amazon.

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