Deployment announcement for "Alice Gear Aigis" console. During intensive development for the release of 2022

Coropra announced on January 21, 3D action STG Alice Gear Aigis, which is distributed for mobile, has been announced to be developed for the console. We plan to release during 2022 this year.

Alice Gear Aigis is a 3D action STG that the domestic game development company pyramid works. In this work, humanity is exposed to the threat of mysterious mechanical life Vice, which flying than space. The player guides the girls called Acctress and will be fighting against the threat of Vesse who is considered to be calm. This work is distributed for basic play free from January 22, 2018, and the fourth anniversary will be held on January 22 this year.

Development for this console was revealed in the special program Alice Gear Aigis 4th Anniversary Broadcasting. At the time of presentation, Mr. Hikigi, who is a production producer, Console version is also a lot of requests from fans, developing to meet expectations, and comment. Although it is a project with a lot of challenges, it is said to be under intensive development. For more information on compatible consoles, we will communicate sequentially in the future. It is a point that will be a work that makes the mobile version transplantation or something different. I want to expect follow-up.

Alice Gear Aigis is distributed for free for Mobile (Android / iOS).

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