Horizon Call of the Mountain: Neues Horizon

As part of CES 2022, Sony has officially announced PlayStation VR2, but at the same time a first game that is likely to be a little surprise for many fans. It is around The Action Adventure Horizon: Call of the Mountain from the Developer Studio Guerrilla Games.

What awaits you with the new Horizon adventure?

As the name suggests, Call of the Mountain is an independent offshoot of the Horizon series, which will soon be continued with Horizon: Forbidden West on the PS5 and PS4. However, Call of the Mountain is designed specifically for PlayStation VR2 and appears exclusively for the VR platform.

To the content and the story of the game is not much known so far. According to Guerrilla Games, a completely new adventure awaits you, where you will hatch in the role of a previously unknown protagonist. However, some characters known from the other horizon games will have at least a short appearance, which also includes the heroine ally. Here The first teaser trailer of Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which also holds some gameplay scenes.

01:51 Horizon Call of the Mountain: Teaser trailer for adventure for PlayStation VR2

When are PSVR2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain appear?

Neither Sony nor guerrilla games have done so far information on the release date of Horizon: Call of the Mountain. It is possible that it will be appropriately available to the launch of PlayStation VR2 as a tensile exclusive title. Incidentally, the game is created in a cooperation between Guerrilla Games and the recent studio Fire sprite Games.

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Source: Guerrilla Games

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