Horizon Forbidden West reveals a new history trailer

With almost exactly one month for the launch, Games Guerrilla and PlayStation have revealed today a new trailer of Horizontal forbidden west. In recent weeks, several new advances in the sequel de horizontal zero dawn have begun to emerge, giving us a better idea of ​​what the game will have reserved. However, instead of showing a new gameplay in today's last video, Guerrilla Games opted to give the fans an idea of ​​how the narrative of the forbidden west will have to offer.

In full, the new trailer of the history of prohibited west is three minutes in total and presents a number of scenes that will appear in the title. It also explains the goal of Ally in the game better, which is traveling to the West Prohibited owner in the search for rectifying a problem that has emerged inside the house of it. During the adventure of him, many of the Ally's companions of horizontal zero dawn, will make his return, but west forbidden ​​will also present a series of new characters.

You can see the new trailer in the Tweet attached below if you are interested:

Horizon Speaking more of the new faces that will be seen in Horizontal forbidden west, the narrative director of Guerrilla Games, Ben McCray, spoke a little more about this. In an article that appeared on the blog of PlayStation, McCray mocked some of these characters and other dangers that Ally will find this time. «The next chapter of Ally's story begins on February 18 and will face a storm of new threats: a plague that will end up with the world, Regalia and its rebels, Sales and its machinations... In addition to many new dangers that still not They have been revealed. McCray said. But as she ventures on the border of the forbidden West, Ally will not face these dangers al1. She will join her new and family colleagues, including unconditional as Earl and Trend, along with new allies such as ZO, Alva, and Totally. Today we are proud to present our new trailer in history, which offers an exciting look at what awaits Ally and her friends as they venture into West Prohibited ».

As McCray mentioned, Horizontal forbidden west is scheduled to finally reach next month, on February 18. And although it will be available more prominently at PlayStation 5, it will also reach PlayStation 4.

Where is your level of enthusiasm for Horizontal forbidden west after seeing this new trailer? And will it take up the game in the launch when the next month comes out? Let me know all your own thoughts in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.