New contract for Leipzig Hwang: Wolverhampton draws option

The table-eighth of the Premier League moved on Wednesday the purchase option for the South Korean borrowed in the summer, which received a special gift in the form of a permanent position on his 26th birthday. His new working paper at the Wolves runs at least until June 30, 2026.

Leipzig collect 17 million euros


From an economic point of view, it is a good deal for RB, but the Leipziger collapsed nearly 17 million euros for the attacker brought for nine million euros from Salzburg for nine million euros before one and a half years ago. Hwang was no enrichment during his guest performance in the past season. In 18 league inserts, he also remained a goalless as in the three Champions League appearances.

Mitzvah clears mistakes

Only on the way to the DFB trophy will give him three hits. Therefore, one decided shortly before transfer to give the attacker. In retrospect, this had been a mistake, managing director Oliver Mintzlaff recently admitted in the Leipziger People's newspaper.

Four goals in 14 games for the wolves

For Wolverhampton, Hwang marked four hits in 14 league missions. The last six games he lacked because of a thigh injury, which did not change anything at the buy will of the club.