Pfaff in the interview: "Nübel's decision was stupid"

In the "Schuhbecks - South Tyrolean Steuben" Jean-Marie Faff Led on Friday afternoon to present his autobiography "my life - from the street footballer to the World Goal His tire". Emotional and proud he told in the pre-sale with Fritz von Turn and Taxis from his life, of difficult phases and fulfilled dreams. After that, he talked among other things with the South about values, successes and FC Bayern.

Mr. Faff, why have you published with delicate 68 years, your biography?

Because I would like to spreading the message, my life, like.

Which message?

Always be helpful to pay attention to every human being. I've always done that, and I also celebrated my successes. All I have worked out. I had no carefree childhood and won the way up. I would like to convey that children and adolescents today, in this very difficult corona time, also gladly convey. Do not let you go down, keeps going.

If he is still as fit with 45, he can also sign a three-year contract again.

Faff over later

Apropos always continue: How long can Manuel new still play at this level for Bayern?

If he stays healthy, Manuel will be new for a long time. If he is still so fit with 45, he can also sign a three-year contract again. He plays in a top team, in which of course he also experienced calmer phases than other goalkeepers, but in the European Cup, in a World Cup - he is always there. I hope for him that he stays healthy.

What does this mean for Alexander Nobel, who was actually planned as a newer successor?

I have already when he came from Schalke (July 2020, note d. Red.), Said that he is not ripe for Bavaria. New was and is there, on an absolute top level, he could not replace it on foreseeable time. Sitting on the bench, do not play, that's bad - just for such a young goalkeeper. That was a stupid decision.

Has written his autobiography: "My life - from the street footballer to the World Porter". South

Does Nobel, if later continues to continue, in your opinion another future at FC Bayern?

Hard to say. I looked at the games at Schalke at the time and thought of me: boy, you have to learn so much. Even now. Talent alone is not enough.

What would you advise Nobel?

What I have said at first: Do not let you go down, continue.

Oliver Khan, also once goalkeeper, is now executive board. How do you rate this step?

Everyone wants to have a nice job after his active career, he got him. I stay a Bavaria fan, so he should make that reasonable and use this opportunity.