Activision Blizzard and Microsoft: Starcraft could (and should!) Benefit

I like real-time strategy! Currently no longer as much as it used to, but still sufficient enough that I have known with the upcoming deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard first the revival of a franchise: Starcraft. While I might not play so much, because she was more so a battle-around-middle earth macker, I find the universe absolutely fantastic.

Three factions that are steadily confessed and there are fantastically balanced (from Gameplay), so no one has the upper hand for a long time, that's an announcement. I think there is hardly an RTS game that is so good Gebalanced, like Starcraft (Buy Now 24.79 €). And apart from the Mass Effect Universe, no other Scifi universe, which I find so apprehensive - and that is neglected so blatantly. Because Mass Effect has with Andromeda, Legacy Edition and the current work on a fourth part (a true fourth part) still life in the bones, while Starcraft did not even shrug when it would raise it with a stick.

Starcraft 2: The game of the three extensions

Starcraft was after the original game and the extension Brood was felt only a game ball of Blizzard's wrong decisions. So, after it became known that Starcraft 2 actually consists of three parts, namely Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, was not the oven at fans?

Because for each of these games your full price has paid. The campaign might have employed you seven to eight hours, and who generally did not bike on Commander mode or ladder, then waited for the next full price expansion of the story. I found that at that time, in the years 2010, 2013 and 2015 already quite strange and coated, but okay.

And then came in 2017, as Starcraft-2-Esport may not stand in his fullest flowering, but was still viewed, the Remaster of Starcraft. Blizzard then decided to raise two leagues in parallel. Apart from that, as well as Hearthstone, it was already confusing anyway, which ESPORT tournament one should follow straight, Starcraft and Starcraft 2 are completely different games with their own dynamics. Of course, veterans have gone back to the first part. Some remained partly 2nd and so all this was more and more blackmailed until we arrive at the present date and it turns Starcraft Esport almost no one anymore. That's a pity that the series and the brand has been so broke for years!

How about a new Starcraft RTS?

Why can there be a chance for starcraft that Microsoft Activision BLIZZARD may like (if the deal is swung through)? Because Microsoft, unlike Blizzard and Activision, has proven recently, as it can be respected with the genre, namely Age of Empires 4. This is not perfect and here also hooks it with the speed of dehexed patches. But that's nothing compared to the absolute WARCRAFT-3-re-reforganic case of Blizzard.

Good News for StarCraft 2? Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard!

Age of Empires 4 has not brought the RTS genre out of the crisis, but makes a good job. Source: PC Games Hardware In contrast, a lot of full-bodied promised and then in the end was allegedly implemented half-hearted for cost reasons - the people of Blizzard had clearly remembered and then also the financiers sit in the neck. Well, that Starcraft Remastered did not have to withstand such a steak pressure, but for many Blizzard fans, Starcraft is "only" the little sister of Warcraft in terms of RTS universe anyway.

How about a Starcraft game... Without RTS?

There were several attempts in the past to get more out of starcraft than just real-time strategy. There were the action sequences embedded in Starcraft 2 with Nova's secret emissions; Missions that have especially addressed fans who still have a Starcraft Ghost today.

And there were various eGoshooter ambitions, with which the responsible persons of Blizzard wanted to fishing especially in the target group waters of Battlefield, Battlefront and Call of Duty. Project Ares was the Starcraft Shooter, the allegedly in favor of working on OverVATCH 2 and Diablo 4 was set. The Terrans would have been playable. These assets, after all, will not have the people of Blizzard away and if one day the types of Microsoft come around the corner and find them... maybe they want to start something. However, we all have to, including me, because I am a big fan of the Starcraft shooter idea, see: Microsoft also has the SCIFi shooter Halo, even if the meanwhile has probably lost to popularity.

In order to underpin this with an experience from my past: As Computec has taken over my then employer almost, there was no debate as to whether the ComputeC PC Magazine Offer PC Games and PC Action should continue to continue PC PowerPlay. So you will look at Microsoft exactly what you want to do with what brands of Activision Blizzard - and whether games could be mutually canned in terms of the target audience.

My dream of World of Starcraft

My little dream of an MMO in the universe of Starcraft I will probably never bury. For that, I liked the very fresh and Scifi-Ige Wildstar too well and I also played SWTOR for a whole time. I like to make it a pity that there is currently no MMO, or maybe just a singleplayer game that meets western gaming gourmets, and bring me the weird as a merciless world of Starcraft with all your Zerg, Terrans and Protoss with all your Zerg, Terrans and Protoss want.

Yes, one or the other will now say that I could also play Warhammer because Starcraft is known to be a lot of Warhammer. Yes... but I do not want ^ ^ I want Starcraft: D and I see the chance that Microsoft brings the brand from the Activision Blizzard exile and makes something out again. The chance is not huge, I see that, because real time is currently more likely to be less popular. But she is here! Or what do you mean?

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