Damage compensation is about 17 billion yen ... The final amount of the hacker "Kuppa" that was sued by Nintendo is finalized

Overseas Media VICE reported more information on the US trial of Gary Bowser, who is the face of the Cracker Group "Team Xecuter" to Nintendo Games. This trial is attracting attention in Japan and abroad since the last name of the defendant is the same "Bowser" as the "Kuppa" English name.

According to the trial record, the "Team Xecuter", which was active mainly in the founder MAX LouArn and the executive Yuanning chen, is one of the most "multiplied" video game hacking groups, and the development of devices that can use Nintendo game unauthorized · It is said that sales of tens of millions of dollars were given.

In this criminal organization, Bowser is a plus a 40 months of prison, and to pay a 4.5 million damages to Nintendo, as he operated a website including more than 10,000 illegal game copies. As the relevant civil lawsuit is ordered for $ 10 million, the amount of money to be paid finally will be $ 14.5 million (about ¥ 1.7 billion for Japanese yen) .

In the trial, the lawyer side was explained that "Bowser was used for founder MAX LouArn." While the organization was enormous, he said he received 500 to $ 1000 every month as a reward for website operation. Submit a photo of the residence he lived as the basis. Bowser seems to have been sending a relative life in an old apartment, contrary to the flashy life of Louarn, which can be confirmed by Facebook.

"Team Xecuter" The founder and executives were not yet arrested, and this judgment that was made to the person involved in the website operation. Nintendo announces a press release that suggests thanks to US law enforcement agencies.