EA reports the largest Q3 performance-The number of unique accounts will grow more than 540 million, and the player spends the player's title approximately 20% higher than the previous year

Electronic Arts announced the third quarter financial results reporting material. According to the published material, the company has recorded the best Q3 performance in a 40-year history.

Although "Battlefield 2042" released on November 19, 2002 was not wandering due to a problem with review evaluation due to a frequent failure from the initial movement, "Apex Legends" is a monthly active player 30% from the previous year I rose.

Мираж, Мираж | Стрим | Apex Legends In addition, the number of unique accounts on the EA network has grown to more than 540 million, and the time when the player spends the game's game in all Titles of EA, the large factor of the business results that increased nearly 20% year on year? It seems that it became.

Although the expected sales number was not reached, revenue from the Battlefield series is only about 10% of the total EA, but it can not be said that it did not affect it.

The company CEO's Andrew Wilson said, "Battlefield 2042" was a part of Corona's development. He has been familiar with the start of the game that has been distracted at the beginning of the release of DICE, and he has been showing a attitude to grow, evolve and improve it from now on.