Horizon Forbidden West also looks at the standard

Horizon Forbidden West appears for both PS5 and PS4. Game releases like the Launch of Cybepunk 2077 have taught us to be careful with such cross-gene publications. But in the case of Horizon, at least at first glance everything seems to be fine: Developer Studio Guerrilla has published a gameplay video for the first time, showing Horizon Forbidden West on the normal standard PS4.

That's what Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay looks like on the normal, old PS4

That's why: Horizon Forbidden West is a cross-gene release. This means that the title should exploit as much as possible the power of the PS5 and at the same time still on the much older standard PS4 has to run. So far, only gameplay from the PS5 or the PS4 Pro was to see what could make skeptical.

So the Open World game runs for example on the PS5:

NEW Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay & PS4 Pro Showcase - Armor, Weapons, Machines & More! For the first time PS4 gameplay released: But apparently the PlayStation blockbuster also runs on the old standard PS4 in the meantime in the meantime in the meantime. We only get a short clip to see, but it looks quite convincing. The lighting mood looks very atmospheric, the environment is very detailed.

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But beware: Of course, it can not be moored on the basis of such a short gameplay video whether the game in all other situations is just as good and looks like. Making sure could, for example, that no other figures, machines or opponents can be seen here. A sign that the PS4 has probably quite nicely to nibble when we get it with many moving objects, but of course it is not yet.

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In addition, we remember: Horizon Zero Dawn looked great on the normal PS4 largely with a decent frame rate. Nonetheless, there are, of course, there are enough negative examples such as cyberpunk 2077, which is why we prefer to remain careful. It does not take long, until Horizon Forbidden's West appears: In 8 days it is already so far!

How do you find the gameplay clip? Which platform does your Horizon Forbidden West play?