Is Lost Ark sexist? Players criticize female figure models in the MMO

The SmileGate team is likely to be satisfied with the release of Lost Ark in the West. Countless players want to try out the MMO from South Korea and have already set up some Steam records . However, there was also criticism of the title. Not only for the long waiting times who want to get the makers in control, even for the no longer contemporary representation of female characters .

Many liberal equipment and clothes

Should You Play Lost Ark? (Review) Especially in the first hours of Lost Ark, female classes run almost exclusively in light clothing and high-heels by the world of Arkesia. Only after some time can equipments be found that cover a little more skin. The players are not about the fact that this clothing exists in the game. Instead, you just want more options with which you can equip your heroines.

The animations are also in criticism

More than striking are also the more than exaggerated animations when running the female figures. Among other things, the hips of the heroines move so extremely from left to right that players even get a salmon attack . Another clip on Twitter shows the animation a bit clearer. These are these differences in the presentation between MMOS from South Korea and for example Europe but not for a long time.

Games like Blade & Soul or Black Desert online also lay their focus on female figures on rather lightweight clothing. This quickly becomes clear which target group would like to achieve these South Korean studios with their MMOs.

Sex in class dialing already set

More choices want players in the character creation . Smilegate has set the sexes of most classes namely in advance. Especially the Warrior Class with your fully packed equipment is bound exclusively on male figures . In return, the two magic classes are playable only with female heroines .

A well-balanced problem for an MMO, which is only published for the first time for the first time before so few years. In a blog post, SmileGate has already announced that the criticism has arrived at the lack of gender election and there are even plans to offer additional options. Nobody has been implemented for the launch in the West.

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