LOL: The second week of the Telcel Honor Division closed without undevinct

The Honor Division Telcel is profiled to have its most competitive season so far. The event in charge of LVP (MediaPro Group) had renovations in format, number of equipment and templates that, so far, are not duty with emotion. As an example palpable, you just have to take a look at the table of the week two to notice that there are no unbeaten or direct favorites .

We already talked that the Telcel Division of Honor has two rounds in its regular phase. The first is to the best one and the second is the best of three, watching through the competitive that is intrinsic of League of Legends. Until now, with six dates disputed, there is no clear favorite to take everything. The only constant is Atomic Mexico until the end of the positions with a record 0-6 with previous date on February 2.

One of the games to follow of the second week was Six Karma against The Kings . Two clubs that make up the Top 4 and could be measured in Round Two. Despite the expectation of something matched, the green wave took out the caste to add another point. While I was looking to leave unharmed on the three dates, Artic Gaming He put a stain on the 1222 opening history. Interestingly, Zylant Esports did the same one day before, making it clear that no one can have a Perfect season in the Telcel Division of Honor.

Atheris Esports , on the other hand, closed the second unbeaten week.

About MVPS, we find the following players:

FASE 1 - JORNADA 1 - DIVISIÓN DE HONOR TELCEL - APERTURA 2022 - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS * Mvp j4 - dario "liquiddiego" padilla : liquiddiego or for some, the most winning player of the DDH was the spearhead that gave him the victory to Six Karma influencing to get advantage in all the lines to finish with A record of 7 murders and 11 assists. * MVP J5 - Dario "Zeypher" Padilla : Zylant's dragon ESPORTS wants to take flight thanks to the great players he has on his team. No doubt Zeypher is one of them and so showed him in his departure against Arctic where he dominated home finally. * MVP J6 - Angel "Fayo" Nandayapa : With Arctic's aullar against one of the favorites of the DDH, of course the MVP should be for one of them. From all the wolves, Fayo in the Central Lane takes the palms with a Twisted Fate that made his all the crack. * MVP of the week - Gilberto "Zerkxz" Verdugo : The best central laminary of the league so far? That can be zerkxz. In addition to being a great player, he has the quality of perseverance in the attributes of him by helping in the 3 victories he had atheris in the week.

The first round of the regular phase consists of five weeks and we are already for the third. BO3 lasts for three weeks, defining the Top 4 that will advance to the next phase of the competition. All day are carried out from Wednesday to Friday by the official media of LVP.