NCSOFT sketches the contents of its MMORPG Throne and Liberty (Project TL)

We know the tumultuous story of Project TL NCSOFT : The MMORPG was announced as part of the G-Star 2017 to unveil in Beta in early 2018, had to immerse the players in the 'Universe of the lineage ** (the project TL had to refer to the lineage) and mark a technological leap for the license. We know the following: For years, the Project TL will be the subject of several very nebulae, without NCSoft communicating on the new guidelines of the game.

The South Korean group nevertheless comes out of its silence and begins to deliver details on its MMORPG. It was recently noted, the game will be officially unveiled next month, but already, the group's executives begin to respond to the questions of the South Korean press.

the new Throne and Liberty license

It is mainly retained that the definitive title of Project TL is Throne and Liberty and that the MMORPG has nothing to do with the Lineage license, nor with its redesign Lineage Eternal (abandoned there is years in its original form).

Today, NCSOFT Develop a new major license that must embody the future of the studio. And if Thron and Liberty must "perpetuate the reputation and inheritance of the lineage", it is more important in the magnitude of NCSOFT: according to the developer, Throne and Liberty is today the first draft of An unprecedented license in the same way as the first lineage at the end of the 1990s was the first game of a major license. And already, NCSoft does not limit the throne and liberty license has a single MMORPG since the project E (a new game currently in development) also shares its universe with that of Throne of Liberty.

_If the project e has for the moment unveiled only through a short teaser, the South Korean players seem to recognize references to the period Joseon _ of the history of South Korea (started in 1392 And which ended the mongol dominance on the region) and to the symbolism of "the sword that protects the king" (little or prou the equivalent of medieval chivalry in South Korea).

an open world and a different gameplay

Project TL Trailer and Cinematic Gameplay - Unreal Engine 4 - New PC MMORPG by NCSoft How does Throne and Liberty stand out from its predecessors or even current MMORPGs? NCSOFT is not yet very prolix (the group is obviously guarding some surprises for the announcements of next month), but Throne and Liberty is presented as a "real MMORPG", fully realized in 3D and immersing the players in a vast world open in one piece - without the studio specifies for the moment if it is necessary to understand that the game universe is not instantiated and / or if it is freed from any loading screen between the zones.

Quid Dugameplay? NCSoft claims a solid know-how about PVP (it was the heart of the lineage) and Throne and Liberty does not deny this inheritance. However, NCSOFT intends to make Throne and Liberty a global project and the South Korean group considers it necessary to also add PVE and narrative components, considered important to seduce Western players. The studio therefore claims "rich and complete" content.

We will judge on room the moment come, and perhaps faster than we think: Throne and Liberty must be the subject of a 2 global launch simultaneous in twelve languages ​​ - we remember it was Also the goal for lineage w and the game is waiting in the West. Still, the release is scheduled for the second half of 2022, "no doubt during the second half of the fourth quarter 2022" (in the wake of the G-Star 2022, early November?), Distributed both on PC and consoles. Details are expected during this month of March: the developer promises videos (and so a preview of the gameplay?).