A legend - not just am Main

Anyone who reminds himself of the fabulous 1970s of German football, not only have great successes of national team and clubs in the sense. Immerseers immediately fall for outstanding personalities, distinctive figures, female spirits on the field and on the ball. Jürgen Grabowski was one of these great kick artists. On Thursday evening "Grabi" deceased at the age of 77 years. Eintracht Frankfurt and all German football mourn for a legend.

The Score - Legend (Audio)

When Jürgen Grabowski explained at which point exactly the resting ball would have to be hit with the inner trial to circle the ball with effet into the tord triangle, then he did that with a glow in his eyes. With pure gorgeous. On a small golf ball he illustrated what he once taught the coach Gyula Lorant at the Frankfurt Riederwald, he and other Eintracht stars like Bernd Nickel. The listeners then hung on his lips. And dived in thoughts into the wonderful world of the time of the 60s to 80s known as "Launic Diva".

The "perhaps perfect player" of Eintracht

Grabi became a world champion in 1974, had a significant proportion of the title profit at the Home World Cup, as he initiated the tournament turn with the victory against the Swedes after the 0: 1 against the GDR selection. When the eagle carrier won the UEFA Cup in the Bundesliga duel against Borussia Mönchengladbach in 1980, the playmaker came to the winner photo only in civilian. The serious injury after a tackling of the Gladbacher Lothar Matthäus in a Bundesliga game previously prevents his participation. Grabowski always has "curved" - understandable. Enjoying this international triumph in the Waldstadion in the jersey, which would have earned this icon of Eintracht allales. Grabowski finished his career short time later.

The honorary players of the Frankfurter was the "perhaps most perfect player" of Eintracht. With her "aura", this personality still works today "cross-generation identity penalty for the club", it says in the assessment by Eintracht Board spokesman Axel Hellmann. That's me.

Grabowski was changed in 1965 from FV Biebrich 02 (previously SV Biebrich) to the Riederwald. A year later he belonged to the DFB squad, which became Vice World Champion in England. Four years afterwards he became the World Cup in Mexico in the eyes of the Germans for the "Best Animation Player in the World". Finally, at his 30th Birthday on July 7, the big triumph was followed by the side of his Frankfurt teammates Bernd Wölzenbein. As a world champion, the offensive adore adopted after 44 international matches (five goals) from the national team. The character head never sat down. To the purely sporting barriers of an even larger usage balance in the DFB jersey, the continuously strong Bavaria block also counted in the squad of national coach Helmut beautiful.

Memories of the trophies 1974 and 1975

"Germany's pride, the grabi and the woods," the fans still sang in the 1970s, where Grabowski also won the EM title in 1972. But the high song on him is another: "We saw the harmony in the final, with the Jürgen, with the Jürgen, she played so well and she played so beautiful, with the Jürgen Grabowski". The introduction of "black and white like snow" reminds of the DFB Cup visions in 1974 and 1975.

When the Frankfurter 2018 won the pot against FC Bayern, the thoughts in the Berlin Olympic Stadium involuntarily levered the Eintracht of the Grabowski era. Who loves football, is touchingly warm in such moments and such memories are warm around the heart.

555 mandatory games with 151 goals for the SGE are immortalized. With 441 Bundesliga inserts, Grabowski lies in Eintracht behind record player Karl-Heinz Körbel (602) in second place. More Bundesliga goals than he (109) achieved only Bernd Wölzenbein (160) for the eagle carriers.

On the 17th match day of the 1977/78 season Jürgen Grabowski was even an interim trainer for the club of his life (1: 1 in Braunschweig). But he was never the type trainer or manager or even president. The type legend, however, he was quite certain. And he stays forever, not just am Main.