Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock Water Weaving

Ghostwire Tokyo is about a supernatural event in Tokyo, which makes the inhabitants of Shibuya disappear. The previous matches of the studio as the Evil Within also dealt with the supernatural, but in these games they could use normal weapons to defeat enemies. This time, you practice other forces in the form of Ethereal Weaving.

Ethereal Weaving refers to the elemental attacks that shoot in Ghostwire Tokyo from your hands. There are three types of elemental attacks: water, wind and fire, but not all are available from the beginning of the game. But they are here to find out So unlock Water Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo .

Ghostwire Tokyo - Everything To Know

So read below our instructions, as you can unlock the waterweight racket in the game while you pound by Tokyo and turn off visitors from another world - and how water weaving can help you overcome situations in which they are overwhelmed by enemies.

Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock Water Weaving

Water Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo is received during the main story mission "A Maze of Death" in Chapter Two.

During this mission, they fight in design labyrinth against a visitor with a great scissor (a Kuchisake). Did you defeat them, you have to clean the shrine - the Yashin Shrine. After cleaning the shrine, water weaving is available as a reward at the altar of the shrine.

The Water Weaving attack shoots a projectile in a wide bow before Akito. It is useful for situations where you will be swarmed by many enemies and have to push back to get some air. Charging the attack provides a stronger version of this basic attack that causes significant damage.

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