Ghostwire Tokyo, where you get more Talismans

Talismans form the last part of their arsenal in Ghostwire Tokyo. After you have unlocked the bow and all your Ethereal Weaving techniques, you will receive some of the Talismans in the game. But after you have received a few, you will ask yourself where you can get more Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo.

When it comes to it Get more talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo , it's not too hard to find a few of them if you know where to look for. However, if you only explore the city, save ghosts and fulfill missions, you may not get many of them.

There are four different talismans in the game. Thicket Talismans are best suited for camouflage, while Exposure-Talisman enemies add great damage by exposing their cores to enforcing enemies to expose their core. Stunning Talismans do what they say: stun enemies in the area they throw them. Finally, bait talismans as a distraction, the enemies will attract there where they throw the Talisman.

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Ghostwire Tokyo, where you get more talismans

Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo can be found in three species :

  • bought in shops throughout Tokyo
  • Get as a reward for completing missions or activities
  • found as a loot in the world

The most common way to find more Talismans is to buy them in shops where they can cost a pretty cent. Although you will find less in the world and as rewards of missions are still immeriant.

Talismans are not absolutely necessary for success in the fight of Ghostwire Tokyo, but they help to manage large groups of enemies or large groups of visitors who have not yet reached their location.

So you can get more talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo. Further tips on how to make the most of these talismans, you will find in our guide to the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo and our other tips in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo.