Godfall: Ultimate Edition: More details about the Xbox Edition

As we have already reported, Gearbox Publishing and CounterPlay Games announced that Godfall: Ultimate Edition on 07. April for Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X as well as in the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4/5 appears.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition contains the basic Godfall experience, the Primal, Lightbringer and Exalted Updates, the extension Fire & Darkness and the previously exclusive Ascended Edition and Pre-Orial Advantages.

"Godfall: Ultimate Edition is the highlight of the fantasy adventure that we developed with our ambitious Next-Gen-RPG," says Daniel Nordlander, Game Director at Counterplay Games. "Ultimate Edition not only opens the rich of Aperion for Xbox and Steam players, but also contains the recently announced Exalted Update, our largest complement to the game. The combination of several desired changes in fans and new platform availability makes this for everyone who wants to connect the fight against Macros. "

Here is an overview of Godfall: Ultimate Edition:

The God-like armor: Players choose from twelve unique valor barrels with different skills and collectible valor barrel splinters that can be improved during stepver and unlock sublime and noble valor's pack. Players can master all five weapons classes, each with their own playing style and a variety of languages, rod weapons, war hemomers, wholesome swords and double blades. When level 50 is reached, players have increased forces and bonuses.

Campaign in single player and co-op: The three elemental rich of aperion can be traveled alone or with up to two other players and players fight until the final deal with the fallen knight macros. Then you expect the enemies moirax and the flame blood stem in the deadly fire-rich from the extension Fire & Darkness. The Exalted Update brings many story updates and improvements that make the experience more comprehensive than ever before.

The dream of a hobbyist: There is heap of loot in Godfall and the possibility to create and experiment up to three kits for each valor barrier until the ultimate build of a God was found.

A variety of endgame activities: In the group, the unique endgame modes can be placed, including dreamstones, tower of the exams, light brawers and the ghosts for six players. Players on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can all jump into the endgame.

Booster at the maximum level: All players have the option to jump immediately on game stage 50, which offers a lot of skill points and a number of fatal weapons for your Valorkure door.

Features desired by players: The free exalted update, which appears on 07. April with _ Godfall: Ultimate Edition _, contains many of the fans desired functions and improvements. The fight is faster and liquid through a recovery in recovery, the inventory administration is modernized and more stable, the story experience has been expanded and there are new cosmetic options for weapons and shields to unlock.

Godfall Ultimate Edition | Xbox

XBOX exclusive improvements: Godfall graphics are experienced by Next-Gen enhancements, such as variable refresh rate and dolby vision for HDR-enabled display devices, resulting in lighter highlights, sharper contrast and luminous colors.

Here is an overview of the great changes in the Exalted Update, Godfall's largest free update, which appears on 07 April with Godfall: Ultimate Edition on all platforms:

Valork Cane Splitter

  • Each of the twelve Valork doors now has four unlockable splinters that offer new customization options for your play style.
  • With splinters, Phoenix enemies can be easily ignited with a fire brunst stroll, unleash a fire cone from your shield and even revive yourself yourself.

Ascended and noble Valorkürasse

  • Collecting all four splinters will unlock the rising form of the valor's pack and a second passive capability.
  • After all four splinters have been upgraded to the highest level, the valor barrier will be raised and offers a third and last passive ability as well as graphically new cosmetic options that can be displayed on the valor's podium in the sanctum.

Advanced story

  • Ravenna and Soras will accompany Orin and fight in certain actions at his side and offer new dialogues between the missions in the sanctum.
  • Orin's spoiled brother Marcos now has a greater presence in the campaign, smoke Orin in action missions and increases the tension to the final confrontation.

Improved fight

  • All weapons now possess powerful timing attacks that can be triggered directly after a weapon technique.
  • Sugal 2.0 is one of the most desired functions of the fans. Players can now unlock a recovery capable that leaves them up faster.
  • A resource system has been added, with which player can revive each other in co-op mode.

Revised bosses of the rich

  • The seal mechanics has been removed to simplify the way to the bosses of the rich. However, players can challenge the bosses of the Reich right after the story.
  • However, every boss of the Reich has now three major men scattered in their kingdom. Defeating the main people will remove mighty curses that make the fight against the boss of the Reich much heavier.

Comfort improvements desired by fans

  • In Godfall, there is a lot of booty to earn and the Exalted Update offers many new ways to sort and manage the growing inventory.
  • Godfalls New configuration menu offers players the opportunity to store up to three builds per valor barrel, including unique skill trees.

noble tower of the exams

  • Godfalls new final challenge, in which skills can be tested against opponents, which scales until level 150. There are also several bosses that appear at the same time.
  • New weapons with triple primary properties that can earn players.

New ghost-rich mode for up to six players

  • Players can connect with up to five other players for the Godfall's largest cooperative experience.
  • Spirit view can be used at fighting to discover secrets between the material and spiritual level, while players collect souls of ancestors.
  • Souls of the ancestors can be used to open the gate of ancestors and to oppose the ghosts of deadliest bosses with unique ghosts of ghosts.
  • Shards of Macros enable powerful enforcements that stop throughout the ghostly visit.
  • New reinforcements with double primary properties are to be obtained.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition will be available for 39.99 €, with a short-term offer price for Xbox and Steam from 29.99 €.