How to defeat Kraken, the proceedings of water in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Touching the spoiled water crystal, a stranger turned into a devil of water. Now known as Kraken, he plunged the temple with a water crystal to the bottom of the ocean and began to save his strength, as a result of which the surrounding seas became stationary and lifeless. Go through the sunken sanctuary and fight with Kraken will not be easy, but do not worry - we are here to help you destroy this eerie abomination. Here how to defeat Kraken, Water Demon, in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin .

Fight with Kraken, Water Monster

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Review

Preparing for the battle with Kraken

Before fighting with Kraken, firstly, you should be ready to use its weakness... Lightning . Installation either black magician or sage Since one of your affairs will give you access to powerful thunder magic, when choosing a second case that uses either fists or daggers allows you to use quick attacks for quick recharging MP.

Mission levels range from from 74 to 92 as for Main and Additional Mission Versions of the Battle of Kraken, so Equip the equipment at least the same level before going to meet it. In addition, if you unlocked the ability Change special effects Through Forge Be sure to give your weapons and armor at least a few of the following Equipment effects before going to battle:

  • Filling lightning
  • inflicted lightning damage
  • inflicted lightning damage
  • applied magic damage
  • applied magic damage
  • defeated enemy damage from weakness
    • Damage caused by the enemy's weakness **
  • Received Physical Damage
  • water resistance
  • MP recovery speed with ordinary attacks
  • action Cost MP

After you have decided on the affairs and equipment of your group, go to Sunken Temple area on the world map to fight with the water demon.

attacks and abilities of Kraken

Kraken relies on its speed to deliver a squall water and physical attacks during the battle, preferring to approach its prey. Because of this, Kraken can crush your group if you can't be careful - such attacks, as rushing or crushing with tentacles Let him quickly cross the arena , reducing the distance between themselves and Jack. Attacks that Kraken will use during the battle following:

  • normal attack combination
    • Klaken inflicts five blows to any player directly in front of him. This attack can be blocked in the usual way or evincible from it.
  • Hurry
    • Kraken falls on all fours and quickly rushes on the player. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Rotating explosion
    • Kraken rotates, hitting the closest players with his tentacles. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Nova Splash
    • Kraken rotates, shooting water spheres in all directions. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Water laser
    • Kraken falls on all fours, releasing the water ray of the horizontal line on the ground is right in front of them. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • tsunami
    • Kraken jumps into the water, it floats for a while, and then jumps back to the platform and attack the nearest players to the water attack in the area. From this attack you can evaporate.
  • Tidal shiver
    • Kraken causes the water spire to erupt from under the ground, causing damage to water in the area. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • ink envy
    • Kraken starts a few ink filled spheres on the horizontal line to the ground right in front of it. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • crush tentacles
    • Kraken performs a flip forward, jumping to the player, trying to crush it. This attack affects twice. Attack can not be blocked, and it should be shy away from it.
  • squat
    • Klaken slabs in his hands right in front of him, crushing all the players who fell into his hands. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be shy away from it.
  • offended hugs
    • Kraken stretches his tentacles right in front of her, there is enough player and causes a strong damage. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be shy away from it.

How to defeat Kraken

The key to the fight against Kraken is to hold on at a distance, making jerks and evading, using magic of thunder. To start a battle, switch to the profession of a black mage or sage and to hit Kraken Tundagoy until MP will end. From there, initiate both of your ally resonance states Forcing them to act as distraction, using your abilities on Kraken more aggressively.

While Kraken is busy attack your teammates, hit it Ordinary attacks to restore MP , then move back from the Kraken before playing the tundagu. In addition, if your weapon has filling lightning Effect of equipment, each ordinary attack will be to use the weakness of the Kraken on zipper and lower its gap scale.

Just continue this cycle of spells using resonances and restoring MPs, and then apply spells again. If Kraken starts to approach you, bring it to one of four generators located around the arena. These generators will disseminate electricity by the arena when hitting temporarily stuns the devil and gives you the opportunity to restore the MP.

The battle will go into the second phase when Kraken's health falls to half, after which he losing the ability to use hugs and start sometimes use tsunami . However, other attacks and mechanics of Kraken will remain the same until the end of the battle, so continue to use magic tundagi and ordinary attacks filled with zipper to break its gap scale. Just do not lose the reason, and you will definitely cope with this watery devil as soon as possible!

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