Kylian Mb cap: France's football president Noel Le Graet advises to whereafter at PSG

The President of the French Football Association Noel Le Graet has evaporated to poker around PSG-Superstar Kylian Mb caper and pronounced himself for a whereabouts of the striker at Paris Saint Germain.

MB cape could play media reports next season at Real Madrid in Spain, his contract at PSG runs out. Le Graet does he advise him from ouest-france, however: "Is the Spanish league of our superior? I am not sure."

PSG is currently "a bad phase by", Le Graet admitted. But: "It's still a great club. MBAPP has bigger chances to win the balloon d'Or if he stays with PSG."

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He is aware that it was a personal decision on the part of MB. But Le Graet also has the local league in view: for Ligue 1 it be "better, one of the best players in the world - if not the best - in the league."