Morbius: Jared Leto talks about a possible crossover with the spider

The presence of the Spider-Man of Tom Holland in Sony's cinematographic spiderver is something that many arachnid superhero fans expect, even more after sure since Sony Pictures that Spidey is the only one capable of jumping between universes. And is that with the open doors of the Multiverse of Marvel in the cinema it seems that the possibility of seeing Spider-Man together with characters like Venom, Morbius or the next Kraven the hunter seems more real than ever. Now, and a few weeks at the premiere of morbius in theaters, his protagonist, Jared Leto , he hSony Pictures spoken about the rumors that sit at Tom Holland in his film Sony Pictures a cameo, of A similar way to the vulture of Michael Keaton, already seen in the trailers.

Will we see Spider-Man in Morbius?

Thus, after the events of spider-man: no way home , many wonder if there is any possibility of gathering two characters such Sony Pictures morbius and spider-man in the cinema. Jared Leto says he "would love to climb the ring with Spider-Man". This is commented on to Entertainment Tonight (via comicbook) at the critics Choice Awards. "I think Tom Holland is amazing and we would do a pretty dynamic duo **", continues Leto while trying to dodge the question about the possible cameo of him.

Recall that the Peter Parker of Tom Holland already crossed with characters from other universes in the lSony Picturest film of him, Spider-Man: no way home, both with iconic villains of other sagSony Pictures and their respective spider-man. On the other hand, Jared Leto himself hSony Pictures already hinted into the presentation of a previous Morbius trailer that the Multiverse hSony Pictures officially opened so that Villains meet to "feed their most sinister intentions". Of course, a crossover of the SpiderVerse to the GOOD would be a box office.

Jared Leto talks about Andrew Garfield Spider Man cameo in Morbius

At the moment we can discover whether Spider-Man appears somehow or not Morbius the next April 1, 2022 .