One Piece Odyssey: Neues Open-World-RPG

On the occasion of the upcoming 25th anniversary of One Piece, a new game appears in 2022 a new game around Luffy and his straw hat pirates: One Piece Odyssey represents a completely new adventure that comes to large parts from the feather of the manga author Eiichiro Oda. The new characters of the game have been educated by ODA for several years, but history has also emerged under the direction of the Manga Creator.

Odyssey reminds in the illustrated trailer with round-based struggles and an inquirable world, for example, to Dragon Quest 11, which sets classical strengths of the genres. While you explore the world alone as Luffy, you stand at the battle companion like Zorro or Nami aside

Who develops One Piece Odyssey?

As a developer, ILCA, Inc. is responsible, which was previously mainly active as a support studio - among others, on the mentioned Dragon Quest 11, but also Nier: Automata and Yakuza 0th of Ilca, Inc. are also the remakes of Pokémon Diamant & Pearl.

What is the story of One Piece Odyssey?

Monkey D. Luffy and his straw hat crew land with each other on a mysterious island because of a huge storm. The Thousand Sunny, her beloved ship, is destroyed and not operational. On the island, the straw hats are not alone: ​​they meet bloodthirsty animals, old acquaintances like the Marine Smoker and a brand new character in the form of Adios.

One Piece Odyssey - 1st official Trailer | Open World RPG (PS5, XSX, PC) ワンピース オデッセイ

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When will One Piece appear Odyssey?

According to the official announcement of Namco Bandai, ONE Piece Odyssey appears in 2022. A more detailed date does not yet exist, but a framework condition for publication is mentioned: "It appears when the manga is preparing for the celebrations of his 25th anniversary." Since the first publication of One Piece was on 19 July 1997, so the guess is suggested that One Piece Odyssey appears in July.

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