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Yuzu's Weekly Survival 4th Parking Fifth Match Chicken.

23, '2022 Pub Weekly Series (PWS)' East Asia Phase 1 Survival 4 weeks 1 day played online.

On this day, the Weekly Survival game will be held in the mumma, according to the 'Map Order and Ratio Selection' privycon of Yuan, winning the Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6.

The fifth match magnetic field was formed by Monte Nuevo.

Early Eaglez and Sunny Side business were in the second floor house. As the one-to-one exchange has been achieved, the Eaglez has succeeded in overriding the opponent with a quick backup.

However, the opinion sports confirmed the kilog and finally approached and quickly approached the eagle.

On the southeast, Veronica 'Earth' took the Ultech Storm X 'Sparow, and the' Da Ba ', and then took a quantitative advantage, and since the "Tuta" was committed to the "Stella" and won the engagement victory.

Dana and Isphrots met Veronica 7 in the 5-phase inkline process, but they could not pierce the barrier.

Guangdong Prix was pushed to the two-story house on the east of the magnetic field. In this situation, the Biybi Isphos 'Auda' summarizes Guangdong Fricks 'Lash', followed by "Gi-rook" to prepare the remaining personnel at the same time that "Hikari" stunned.

However, since since then, I can not pierce Ginto Prince's blocking line and dropped.

New Treatments for PWS: Drug Development, the FDA, and the Role of the PWS Community TOP4 survived Yuzu, Maru Gaying, Veronica 7 and the office. Successful to maintaining the personnel, Jens, quickly finished the opinion, and afterwards the marugaming. 7 'Pudding', a Beronica 7, who is alone, did not overcome the four-to-one situation and gave chicken.

Zen gained 7 kill Chicken in this match.