A new form for Cell has been revealed

Many rumors have pointed out that Cell will return to the world of Dragon Ball thanks to the next anime movie. While this has not yet been confirmed, a new track could not only reveal the participation of this character in super Hero, but the new transformation of it.

Next to the anime, Dragon Ball Super has a collective card game, which has released a new batch of "awakened" characters, this prior to super hero's premiere. Here is where we find Cell in its form Awakened, which presents a pretty simple comparison design with the perfect shape of it.

Perfect Cell Getting a New Form? The letter shows us to the villain leaning forward while he extends an arm to launch an energy beam. Even if This new batch of cards are not related to the next anime movie , it is striking that these products arrive before Super Hero. We only have to wait and see if Cell returns or not.

We remind you that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has delayed its release date indefinitely . On related topics, it seems that the Super Saiyajin 5 is Canon. Similarly, Gohan of the future returns to anime.

Editor's note:

Although seeing Cell once again with Gohan would be very interesting, I hope this does not come true, as it would be important to the new version of the Red Patrol, as well as Gamma 1 & 2, who look great and They have new challenges for heroes.