Fortnite filters a clue on the return of light sabers

Fortnite will soon welcome light sabers to the game if it is believed in some recent filtrations and data mines. If those conjectures are correct, this would be the first time we see the light sabers in about two years ago, when they were not previously saved after their presentation for the first time in 2019. A launch date was not included for the return of the Light sauables in the information shared by data miners, but if you are prone to betting, May 4 would not be a bad assumption, since it is when Star Wars Day is celebrated.

Social accounts dedicated to fortnite Filters and data mines have begun to talk about the return of light sabers to Battle Royale game in recent days. Some of these discussions are more vague with people who say that light sabers are simply "it is expected to return for Star Wars 2022", although others are a little more specific in their evidence. Some have said that the effects of light sabers in fortnite have been updated even if weapons themselves have not made a more obvious appearance in files yet.

If you are in fact planned to return to fortnite, it seems inevitable that the relaunch happens around May 4. There would be no better day to bring them back this year that the day of Star Wars to the point that seems like a moment "Duh" to predict his return, but again, the light sabers were totally absent last year and did not arrive. Return for May 4.

Star Wars Update in Fortnite Whether light sabers return or not, maybe it's even safer than we see some of the game's Game Star Wars masks also on May 4 or around that date. The game has no shortage of Star Wars cosmetics so that players collect them with movie characters like Finn, King and Kylo Ren who accompany other masks such as Mandalorian and Imperial Stormtrooper, and those only represent the outfits. Peaks and all kinds of other cosmetics have been thrown as part of the Star Wars collection of the game over the years, so plan to see them at the items store once again very soon if you have some V-Bucks waiting to be spent.