LOST ARK: Throne of chaos, the first big game update, reveals its novelties

Launched Brasse drums last February, Lost Ark exceeded 20 million players in the wake, international figure, allowing the passage to publicize this Korean MMORPG in the West. Now that the presentations have been made, the game can benefit from regular follow-up and today is learned that a big update arrives in this month of April. Responding on behalf of "Chaos", this major update will especially allow to discover a new class, the latties, which also mutice martial arts. The latties also have two separate games of capabilities, focus and unleashing, whose postures and capacities are embodied by both weapons. The spear, shorter, allows him to inflict a torrent of attacks thanks to the focusing posture, while the sword, longer, takes advantage of the pearling posture to assert mortal blows. It is also distinguished by the velocity of its movements and this ability to chain attacks without the least dead time. Players who love aggressive characters are likely to fall under the spell.

Lost Ark EPIC FINALE | Lost Ark South Bern Story Reaction P2 (Automated Korean subtitles)

The "Throne du Chaos" update also allows you to discover a new region of Archesia, Bern-South, whose peculiarity is to have land where water and greenery abound. However, it is a place where a conflict obliges Ealyn, the Queen of Bern, to conduct an investigation to understand what is falling behind the scenes. We will have to go there to meet new protagonists and especially to survive a fatal battle. Note that Bern-south becomes the second landing continent 3 after Punika, and requires an object level of 1340. This update also allows to add cosmetic content too, with new appearances but also new mounts to travel. Lands faster. And of course, there is a whole patch note to find out what has been readjust and correct in terms of bugs and balancing. We do not make you a copy-stick because everything is already on the official website.