Monster Hunter Rise: The best builds of long swords

The long sword was the favorite weapon of fans from the moment of the debut of the Monster Hunter series in 2001. Monster Hunter Rise supports this tendency. Long sword is a great weapon for beginners, as it is easy to master and use it. This does not mean that it is intended only for newcomers. A long sword is very effective at all stages of the game due to its shocks, critical strikes and counterattack options.

High Grade Long Sword Assembly

This assembly is designed to increase the overall attack and critical strikes. It is aggravated by the attack of weaknesses using Weakness Exploit, so some knowledge of monsters here is important. Stunning resistance, shuddering and cloaks of hello flame provide some resistance and help redirect this damage back to the monster.


  • Ghost Mirage


  • Helmet : Kaiser Crown
  • chest : Vaik Mail with
  • Hands : sinister mittens s
  • Waist : Anjanath s coil
  • Feet : Cancer sicks s


  • craft gem 3 x1
  • Critical gem 2 x2
  • Resistant gem 1 x3
  • Self-softener gem 2 x3
  • gem of chopper 1 x3
  • gem of a bracket 1 x1

MHRise | BEST NEW 3.0 LONG SWORD OP Meta Builds | Monster Hunter Rise Guide モンハンライズ 太刀


  • Critical view - Ur.5
  • Critical strengthening - UR.3
  • Craft - Ur.3
  • Stunning resistance - UR.3
  • Cloak of hello flame - Ur.1
  • Increase attack - UR.4
  • Exploit Weakness - UR.3
  • Fast shell - UR.3
  • Flinch for free - ul.1

Low Rank Long Sword Assembly

This assembly is designed to increase the chance of a critical impact due to proximity and hidden strength. With a critical view, maximum at the seventh level, hidden strength at the second level and hidden saber, the player can reach up to 90% of proximity. This means that critical strikes will be applied often and strongly.


  • Hidden saber i


  • helmet : Zinogra helmet
  • Chest : ZinoGre Mail
  • Hands : Bariot Bracers
  • Waist : Bariot coil
  • Feet : Alerakut Crui


  • Critical view - Ur.7
  • hidden power - ul.2

To learn more about Monsters-hunters, check out the section "How to master all types of weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin" in the game manuals for professionals.