Shell shell pick up ADV "Umminooto" Free delivery start for Android. Healing experience and mystery that picks up a shell on a sandy beach

Domestic indie game development team YUKILABO started delivery of "Uminooto" on April 12. Supported platform is Android, play fee is free. There is no charge element, and a video advertisement is adopted for some elements. Also, iOS version is scheduled to be released in May 2022.

"Umminooto" is a shell shell and pick up a shell. The girl who is the main character of this work was in the world with only the sea and the sandy beach. Waves return to return, and shells and flow mills flow around the beach, but nothing else can not be found. The player operates a girl and collects her shell. In the scenery that changes gradually, the love of the mysterious girl and the truth of the world will be revealed.

In the world where waves resonate, the girl can do to move and pick up shells. There is a limit to the scope of searching because it is endless in the world. Therefore, the player runs a girl and moves a waving or sandy beach while moving the girl, and collects shells.

When picking up a shell etc. in this work, points can be acquired according to the type of shell picked up. The points collected can be exchanged from the Umino-Exchange at the upper right of the screen with a new background. For example, if you pay 1000 points and replace it with Yama, Yama appears across the sea. Inside the exchange, a large number of replacement objects such as boats launched on Uminko and sandy beaches, minatomachi and on nanos are lined up. By collecting shells and earning points, it changes with the sea and sandy beaches only by the sea and the sandy beach change.

However, even if the exchanged one appears on the beach, basically new things appear in the beach. Although the number of shells that can be picked up is increased, new play is added or the behavior range is not large. While listening to the sound of the waves, pick up the shells that flow out. An experienced experience with such an atmosphere is drawn.

Also, in this work, the ending can be reached when some conditions are met. According to the text in the game, a hint is hidden for some items and replacement targets, and ending is said to draw the truth of the story. By looking at the video advertisement, it is possible to raise the emergence rate of the shells, and efficiency of point acquisition can be efficient, and the second half exchange target has a large number of points. It is likely to be necessary to reach ending.

YUKILABO, which developed this work, is a domestic indie game development team. According to the Outline column of Youtube, team members were in charge of Yuki, modeling, UI design, etc., who were in charge of planning and animation, etc. This work became the first work of Yukilabo, and it seems that I have been working on the team since June 2021.

"Umminooto" is free delivery for Android. iOS version is scheduled to be released in May 2022.

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