Splatoon 3: Release appointment officially announced

The releasing date from Splatoon 3 is now officially. The game is on 9. September 2022 exclusively on the market for the Nintendo Switch. The third part of the popular multiplayer series with a striking look not only advertises with a new arch-shaped weapon type or the continuation of the co-op mode "Salmon Run", but also with a single player campaign. In order to play Splatoon 3 online from September 9th, active membership at Nintendo Switch Online is required.

anticipation for the autumn hit

The game with the unique combination of shooter elements and color blobs was announced in early 2021 as part of a Nintendo Direct presentation and is one of the most expected games of the platform. The expectations from our side are accordingly large. In story mode, the antagonistic octaries are to be conquered, as well as the secrets of Alterna and around the fluffy plan.

DLC for Nintendo Switch Online

Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switch

In Salmon-Run mode, the cooperative gameplay against the AI, in this case the Salmonid bosses, is in the foreground of the event. In addition to confirming the release date, there is another news for fans of the series: The download content for Splatoon 2 called " Octo Expansion " is now part of the membership of Nintendo Switch Online + Extension Package.

The DLC Octo expansion is a single player package in which 80 missions are available. The player slips into the role of Octoling "Agent 8", including amnesia.

The DLC can still be purchased separately for 19.99 euros. At the same time, Nintendo obviously tries to make her own online service with the DLC package, the Mario-Kart-Platenspass and N64 games as attractive as possible. Whether this offer is worthwhile despite the frequent criticism of the service, everyone has to decide for themselves.

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