Ter Stegen sees Eintracht physically in the advantage

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen sees Eintracht Frankfurt in front of the duel with the FC Barcelona at least physically in the advantage. "Basically, we know that they are physically stronger than us, that's just like that. I think that's one of the physically strongest teams in the Bundesliga," said the Barca final man before the quarterfinal first leg in the Europa League on Thursday ( 21.00 clock) in the _rtl / ntv_interview.

Ter Stegen got the curve with Barcelona after a moderate start of the season, in the league, the Catalans have been unbeaten since the beginning of December. This is also a merit of trainer and club icon Xavi. "It is so that Xavi also has this certain presence to explain what we have to do and people met by Minute One," said the final man.

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Ter Stegen Was changed in 2014 by Borussia Mönchengladbach to Spain. In the meantime, Barcelona has become his new home. "I feel home here. If I say that I'm flying home, then I really mean Barcelona. At home is always there where the family is. We feel totally well - we have a good perspective over the next Years to be successful. That's the goal of me and the club, "he said.