When will the South Verne region appear in LOST ARK?

Lost Ark offers almost a huge amount of content to study. You can find this content on the islands in the sea and on continents. To expand this, Smilegate RPG regularly adds new content, including the South Verne region. It can make you think when the South Verne appears in Lost Ark.

According to the Lost Ark roadmap, the South Verne will appear in the Lost Ark of the mid-end of April . If he follows the trends of the previous March update, he may come mid-April about April 14 2022. The South Verne will become the second continent of level 3, and it will require the level of items 1340.

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South Vern will present new quests, monsters, NPCs, items, collectibles and more. This sometime is a free continent now became the place of numerous pastures and reservoirs, which makes it ripened for research. But, unfortunately, something dark and terrible is going on, and you have to find out what it is.

With the addition of South Vern you will have a lot of new content to explore. Along with the southern faith there is an advanced class Glaivier. For more information about Lost Ark, follow the official waged, Twitter.

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