Where to find pocket watch of dawn in Lost Ark

Pocket watch of dawn is a collection of collectibles, which is difficult to find in Lost Ark. While most collectible items can be found randomly during the game in certain areas, this usually can be found when killing the elite. You will be able to find a pocket watch of dawn when you get to the continent of Roendel.

How to find a subject of collectibles "Pocket Watch Dawn" in Roelande

The best place to find any subject of collectibles Shadow Elzovina . Killing the elite in the area marked above, you can find many collectible items, just follow the elite monsters.

You must kill enemies with special objects above their heads, which are marked with gray bull icons on your mini card. The elites appear on your card randomly and differ from monsters marked in your foliant adventure crawler.

In general, elites, most likely, will leave collectibles, as we found other collected items from elites in other areas. You can add pocket clock of dawn into your foliar of the adventure crawler by right-clicking in the inventory.

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