Will Evil Dead: The Game be available on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now?

"Ominous dead", a cult classical horror franchise under the guidance of Bruce Campbell, will return in the form of video games 13 May 2022 . The question that comes to mind in front of any major launch is, of course, is whether a game for one of two leading streaming platforms, Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation NOW will.

Sad news is that neither Microsoft nor Sony shed light on their future plans for the placement of Evil Dead: The Game. This means that, despite the fact that Game Pass has long produces first-class video games on the very first day, "ominous dead" will not be one of his plots . Unfortunately, the same goes for PlayStation Now.

What are the sinister dead: game?

Evil Dead: The Game takes the material directly from the world-famous horror franchise for the total banquet of multiplayer madness. In addition to the cooperative regime for four players and the structure of the gameplay, resembling Dead by Daylight, the head of survival comes to life as the experience of the next level on modern equipment.

Evil Dead: The Game - Official Kandarian Demon Gameplay Trailer

Evil Dead: The Game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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