20 years of Morrowind: What The Elder Scrolls 6 from the best Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is a role-playing icon that not only outdated Oblivion and Skyrim from a nostalgic point of view. Because no other game has so far been able to build on the limitless freedom of Morrowind - or have a similar miraculous, magical experiences for players. Even 20 years after the release, Morrowind is unchallenged for me. But if we are lucky, that changes with The Elder Scrolls 6.

A comment by Marina Hänsel

Different people have different players and not all Tes fans see Morrowind as the best Bethesda game ever developed. That's okay. Because while Skyrim gave birth to better game mechanics and oblivion undertook a coarse graphic jump, every Tes game probably has its advantages and disadvantages.

** Morrowind has the freedom, the story and-above all-the miracle of a surreal fantasy world on his side, and no other game could ever outdo it in these elements. Create complex spells; In fact, the spellmaking system in Skyrim completely disappeared. In no later Tes game you could be lost in the world in such a wonderful way-because quick trips and quests worked completely differently in Morrowind. No later Tes game had such a charming character creation if you ignore the graphic that is no longer up to date.

_Das gigantic project Skywind has been working on a Morrowind remake for years-and what good it already looks like, you can see in the latest video from the SkyWind team: _

The Elder Scrolls 6 should not only orientate itself to Skyrim and Oblivion, but also bring Morrowind's strengths back

What makes Morrowind so special? It is not just nostalgia that fans like to think back to the game-because Morrowind is anders, and this difference was lost with the medieval oblivion and with the Viking Esquen Skyrim: gigantic mushroom houses in which the Dunmer live; Crazy creatures such as cliff crevices (flying monsters) and tamed silt ceiling (large beetle beings); Surreal cities like Vivec, which bring you your mind with their mistakes and the unforgettable design.

Morrowind shows no world that is comparable to another ; It is not mainstream in the sense of an interchangeable fantasy with dragon-and-knight history. And it is not afraid to let your own world explore.

no quick trip, but directional descriptions

Quests in Morrowind do not immediately let a marker pop up on your card. Instead, there are directions - _ Gegen from that city north and keep on the right at the second crossing. Against money, of course.

These two mechanics not only make morrowind more immersive, but Each quest unique : You actually feel like a wandering adventurer and not like a quest abhaker that jumps back and forth on the map. Instead of completing five missions in two hours, Morrowind lets you explore the world and meet again and again for surprises.

individual character, individual spells

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 19 Years Later The character creation in Morrowind is also unique, because you can not only do a personality test, but also create very own classes . This not only reflects your individuality in the game, but also makes you creative here.

It becomes even more creative if you create your own spell **: With certain NPCs you can create your own spells, including names and effects. So you as a magician can go crazy in the game if you want it.

Morrowind puts freedom , atmosphere and creativity in the first place. It shows that The Elder Scrolls is a really wonderful series of games, and I hope that Tes 6 has a little more of this magic again.