Hitman 3's Rogue-Lite mode will be delayed

It will be obviously necessary to be patient before tasting the ambitious mode freelancer for Hitman 3. The Danish studio made the decision to push the provision of this big part of season 2 to refine what can be, regard to the first feedback from the community.

For those who would have passed over, we recall that the mode in question plans to personalize a brand new card which is none other than the hideout of this dear agent 47. As in a HQ, the player will be able to test his weapons here in a stand to shoot and prepare for all its missions. The fact remains that this freelancer mode planned at the base for spring finally rocks in the second half. "Hitman 3 was a success and thanks to you, we are able to give our team this additional time to tighten the screws and make sure that the mode is as close as possible to our ambitions", thus indicate the developers. In parallel, the content initially scheduled for April is now targeting a release on May 24. A new map on Ambrose Island will arrive in the course of July.

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