This gamer has finished 12 Assassin's Creed games without getting damage as well as with very demanding guidelines

Not only the titles of Hidakaka Miyazaki have their non -hit area, the material maker Hayete Bahadori has actually shared from his YouTube channel a remarkable series of video clips where he takes care of to finish the 12 main titles of the Assassin's Saga Creed without receiving damages, in the greatest trouble and also imposing some extremely high demands.

Which Assassin's Creed Game Is The Best? | Ranking The AC Games (2021) The no Hit area has not stopped growing in recent years, coming to be one of the most delivered in the sector . A pair of months earlier, we can appreciate the very first no Hit Run by Elden Ring in the world, an accomplishment performed by a Spaniard and also that has actually come to be a custom in Fromsoftware video games.

Bahadorai has actually admitted to feeling an unique interest in the video games where stealth, accuracy and also various methods to the exact same phase are awarded, as Kotaku has actually shared. The stringent rules that youtuber adhered to during all video games have actually compelled him to complete the degrees with a 100%synchronization, finishing all the goals as well as certainly, without receiving damages.