06º Podcast: Bugs in video games should we tolerate the sale of broken titles?

This week we have gathered again to comment several issues. The first, the issue of bugs, an unfortunately common problem in launch titles for several years. In the last decade until today we have witnessed the arrival of video games with serious problems from day 1. Currently, many users assume a certain normality to collect broken games at full price. Should we be the clients Day 1 their beta testers when by this kind of practices it seems to be an increasingly necessary profession?


On the other hand, we comment on the latest news from the industry such as censorship to Immortal Devil in Belgium and Holland due to the iron although grateful national regulations towards the Loot Boxes or the announcement of the imminent State of Play , at which time we take the opportunity to wander with the glass ball in front trying to foresee what the people of PlayStation will come to us.

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